Tech1000 TPMS Tool


Part Number WRT 1000

The Next Generation in TPMS Tool is based on Bartec’s latest platform design. Today’s automotive service professional needs tools that are scalable and are easy to learn and operate. Think of the Tech1000 as a “TPMS tablet” capable of doing everything that you would expect from a Bartec service tool, only MUCH more!

The Tech1000 is first and foremost a TPMS Tool. The Tech1000 offers a brand new user experience. A graphical touch screen will make TPMS diagnostics service easy and fast! More than anything however, the Tech1000 is flexible and scalable solution!

The Tech1000 is a truly wireless tool beginning with the way the tool is updated. All you need is a Wi-Fi connection and your tool will always be up to date with the latest and greatest coverage and sensor applications. Through the same connection, the Tech1000 will communicate with the Bartec Service Center.

Work begins with the wireless VCI [OBDII] connected to the car. Using the VINdicate® process, the Tech1000 can detect and decode the VIN faster and much more accurately. As an option, the Tech1000 features a comprehensive bar code reading solution. The Tech1000 can read all forms of barcodes including 1D, 2D, QR, Inverse and Data Matrix style bar codes.

Think of the Tech1000 as a rugged tablet capable of handling the complete range of TPMS service including diagnostics, sensor programming, placard adjusting, and relearns. But, the Tech1000 is so much more than TPMS. Applications for functions like Battery Management, Oil Light Reset, Steering Angle Reset, and DPF filter reset will be available for purchase.

Tech1000 Features

  • Works with all known OE TPMS Sensors
  • Provides Test Before Touch diagnostics
  • Comprehensive TPMS Audit Report tells your customer what they need to know
  • Performs Stationary and OBD Relearns
  • Works with Aftermarket Multi-Protocol Sensors like Redi-Sensor™, DVT™, and MultiPRO™
  • Programming of the popular aftermarket replacement sensors. The Tech1000 can program EZ-sensor®,™, Smart Sensor™, Qwik Sensor™ and other Orange™ style sensors
  • Wireless Bluetooth to quickly send data reports to a Service Center or printer
  • Wi-Fi tool software updating and connectivity to SERVICE CENTER
  • Inductive, wireless charging [pad included] for quick and easy charging
  • Passive / Keyless Ignition Testing
  • Wireless Vehicle Connection Interface


  • Graphical User Interface
  • Touchscreen
  • Completely wireless including VCI
  • Internet connectivity
  • High resolution camera
  • Bar code scanning technology
  • Scalable software platform

Top Benefits

  • Easy to learn and easy to operate
  • Faster diagnostics and service
  • Communicate wirelessly between, vehicle, tool, other devices and Service Center
  • Send data from the tool to remote sites
  • Scan VIN’s, license plates and take photos of key vehicle issues
  • Scan the bar code to initiate the service process
  • Flexible software means the tool grows with your business

Tech1000 Support

Tech1000 Brochure