TPMS Tool Coverage

Tech550Pro TPMS Tool

The Tech550 is the most advanced, mid-range All-In-One TPMS Service Tool.

Tech400Pro TPMS Tool

The most advanced, mid range All-In-One TPMS Service Tool. The best TPMS Scan Tool with Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, Inductive Charging & Passive / Keyless Ignition Testing with the RITE-SENSOR®.

Tech600Pro TPMS Tool

The Tech600Pro is all about speed, accuracy, and ease of use with the specific purpose of helping tire businesses improve the bottom line!

Tech300Pro TPMS Tool

Scalable TPMS Technology. The ONLY TPMS Activation tool that upgrades to a TPMS Scan tool.

Tech400SD TPMS Tool

The Tech400SD, one of the best selling tools of all time with TPMS Diagnostics, Re-learn Procedures, and vehicle programming all in the palm of your hand.


Engineered from the “ground up,” this brand new TPMS Tool from Bartec was designed to offer technicians of all levels high powered functionality at an entry level price.

TPMS Mechanical Toolkit

A complete mechanical toolkit to get the job done right!

Tech450Pro TPMS Tool

The Tech450Pro is the DIRECT REPLACEMENT for the wildly popular Tech400Pro! The Tech450 is the most advanced, mid-range All-In-One TPMS Service Tool.

Rite-Sensor Blue® TPMS Sensor

The BARTEC RITESENSOR BLUE® is the latest development of our range of RITESENSOR® Programmable Replaceable TPMS Sensors.