TPMS Mechanical Toolkit

Grommet Removal Tool

This tool can easily remove grommets and O-rings that have been corroded or damaged.

Valve Core Torque Tool

Correctly tighten the valve core on TPMS sensors to the preset torque. Prevents over-tightening.

Valve Deflator

Screws onto the valve stem so the assembly can be deflated if the core valve is seized.

Grommet Tool

Tool is designed to safely and easily remove the rubber grommet from the stem of a TPMS sensor. Receiving hole can be used to install a new grommet.

T-20 Bit

  • Bit for assembling 2-piece sensors
  • T-20 socket for adjustable wrench

Torque Wrench & Sockets

30 to 120 in./lbs torque wrench with 11 and 12mm sockets.

Properly tighten and torque the TPMS sensor nuts quickly and accurately!

T-10 Torque Tool & Bits

  • 12 in./lbs torque driver
  • (4) T-10 torque bits
  • (1) 1/4" bit